The best moustache & beard products, from the best moustache & beard company.


“A gentle yet effective cleanser, full to the brim with the very best beard nourishing oils and butters.”


The Miller’s solid beard shampoo bar is the foundation and first step in beard care. Packed full of beard blessing ingredients, this cleanser is 100% natural with no parabens or sulfates. Unlike regular shampoo, which can strip your beard of its natural oils and leave you with a dry and itchy face, The Miller’s beard shampoo bar cleanses the beard and skin underneath without any upset. This long lasting, highly moisturising shampoo bar is also great for beards that like to roam; it’s solid, so no worries at the airport if this little number finds itself in your hand luggage.

Brighton Beard Co – Moustache Wax

“An extra firm moustache wax that puts the handle in your handlebar”

Provides a firm hold to tame even the most unruly of beards and ‘staches – allowing you to shape, style and twizzle to your heart’s desire.

With a strong yet reworkable hold, this extra firm moustache wax will take you from dawn to dusk. Perfect for creating mighty shapes with your mo’. Should you wish to go for a less refined but nonetheless tidy upper lip, look no further than our Jevington Jigg’s Firm moustache wax.

Brighton Beard Co – Beard Balm

Brighton Beard Company’s handmade balm conditions the beard, helps to repair and prevent split ends whilst softening, nourishing and leaving a light shine.

One of their best selling products; nutritious butter for your beard in four delicious scents.

Available in: Bergamot and Coriander/ Jasmin and Lemon/ Lime and Basil/ Mandarin and Cedarwood

Brighton Beard Co – Beard Oil

“A blend of the very finest oils to treat, soften and nourish.”

Old Joll beard oil is handmade and contains only the best ingredients to nourish your facial hair and the skin beneath – it’s even great for stubble. The product will soften, treat and stop the dreaded beard itch, whilst promoting new growth. Your face will thank you for it.
Available in: Mandarin and Cedarwood/ Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood/ Blackpepper and Grapefruit/ Sven Signe Den Hartogh